Wednesday, September 20, 2006

One last thing

I had a half-dozen more things to blog yesterday, but you will live just fine without most of them (see, e.g., more from Ferrick on Santorum, on his blog). However, one surprise story from yesterday is driving lots of discussion today, so it's worth hitting. City Council just discovered that PGW gave out $500,000 in bonuses to its execs last year, after asking for a rate hike to cover their costs. The company says bonuses were justified by many service and collections improvements, blah blah, and that raises had been on hold for several years prior.

Councilfolk were shocked that these bonuses were kept hidden, as well as that last winter featured so many threatened heat shut-offs, and point out that improvement from "terrible to just bad" is still short of stellar. It should be noted, however, that the scale of the total here is puny compared with the amount represented by the average rate increase...


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