Wednesday, September 27, 2006

In other Wednesday news

  • Columnist Phil Goldsmith offers Perzel some suggestions about additional programs that should complement his additions to police forces around the state if we really want to decrease violence. (There's also some info here about a previous state mandated program still waiting to be given funds...)

  • With this year's Senate race so tight, I have to admit some relief that Green candidate Carl Romanelli might not appear on the ballot. But at a more basic level I agree with this Inquirer editorial arguing that our democratic system should be more open to viable third-party candidates. Personally, I'd like to see them start more local, like all the "big" candidates do, but that doesn't mean I think the bar should be set so high.

  • Marc Stier puts in his two cents on the need to repeal Act 193 (see previous here) so that civic groups can help shape their neighborhoods. Two sites now exist for this push: Neighborhood Defense (a coalition effort, including a petition) and Fight for Philly (the brainchild of City Councilmen DiCicco and Kenney).

  • The Daily News shares my amusement with the confused response to the smoking ban, but also suggests that Street could have set up a more orderly process with time for getting regulations in order.

  • The Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance is helping open the region's eyes to the contributions of the diverse arts and cultural institutions here, from economic impact to variety of offerings.

  • AAJane provides a belated report of a Sunday debate between Patrick Murphy and Michael Fitzpatrick. I see that Murphy has a new ad out too, advocating change in Washington.


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