Tuesday, September 05, 2006

In other Tuesday news

  • Politicians

    • An Inquirer article notes that embattled regional GOP legislators (Fitzpatrick, Gerlach, and Weldon) are distancing themselves from President Bush at every opportunity, despite having accepted his fundraising help in the last year.

    • These same three candidates, along with their opponents Murphy, Murphy, and Sestak, respectively, have reserved record ad buys for this fall. Philadelphians should expect to hear a lot about these hot races.

    • The Pennsylvania Progressive notes that both US Senate candidates, Santorum and Casey, are getting heaps of out-of-state money for their campaigns.

    • Pennsyltucky Politics notes that Arlen Specter had a national interview this weekend too, although it was overshadowed by the debate between Casey and Santorum. A few quotes are provided.

    • Above Average Jane offers an interview with Brian Lentz, Democratic candidate for the state house 161st district.

    • Jane also reports on a joint press conference held by Nancy Pelosi and Patrick Murphy (a week or so ago) to talk about embryonic stem cell research.

    • Philadelphia Will Do is counting down the days until Mayor Street doesn't sign the city smoking bill. sigh.

    • The Daily News looks at Philadelphia's 8th City Council District, where Donna Miller can expect at least one challenger in the spring primary (Irv Ackelsburg) and possibly several more. This district has a history of numerous challengers, which may be why Miller has managed to hold on. Perhaps they should combine forces!

    • Dan UA notes more outrage over the local party process that is likely to annoint Carol Campbell to replace Michael Nutter in City Council. Just because it was Nutter's seat doesn't mean that it's a nutter seat! If this riles you too, there's a meeting tomorrow night.

  • Other

    • The Daily News opinion page discusses recent economic reports noting that while productivity has been increasing, average wages are falling, an unusual trend that may auger a need for legislative intervention into business practices.

    • The Inquirer offers a slideshow of this year's Labor Day parade for those who missed it -- as much glimpses of the activists and bystanders as of floats and marchers.

    • Cartoonist Signe Wilkinson is not impressed with the planned new City Hall security system.

    • And finally, a place where I have frequently dined, Minar Palace on Sansom, has been demolished, part of the controversial conversion of that block into a huge parking garage, a plan which apparently is itself on hold, leaving another charming dirt hole in the Philadelphia landscape.


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