Tuesday, September 19, 2006

In other news...

Blogger goes offline at 4, so I may cut this off midway through...
  • Theme of the day appears to be emergency preparation: several stories addressed plans to improve government infrastructure get local residents scared into making their own preparations for possible disasters.

    • Mayor Street is launching an 8-week ad campaign (called "Ready Region") urging folks to be ready for a Katrina-level crisis.

    • David Morse is pitching in by recounting an earthquake experience and recommending practicing emergency plans.

    • The Daily News opinion page applauds this effort to improve regional readiness. A few meal bars on hand are nothing against a lack of communications in subways, though...

    • For my part, I recommend that anybody who wants their own family to be ready for possible disasters read this series of posts made by an expert in the wake of Katrina. Very reasonable and thorough, and does a good job of bypassing fear and getting down to realistic practicalities.

  • Rivals Mike Fitzpatrick and Patrick Murphy had their first debate last night, on the topic of healthcare. No winner called here. More debates on the way, as I recall.

  • Another big event last night was a forum hosted by Philadelphians Against Santorum, and featuring Bob Casey's first appearance in Philadelphia. One YPP contributor was favorably impressed with both the event and the candidate. Albert gives a more detailed account, including fantastic photos (the first time I've thought Casey was handsome!), and was more disappointed (as predicted) by the limited questions and interaction, and by the Casey positions he find frustrating.

  • Brady held his second summit on city violence. The problem's solved now.


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