Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday trickle

  • The Inquirer reports on a controversy over the use of taxpayer funds to pay for glossy campaign materials (under the claim that they're voter information, not partisan election materials). Daddy Democrat reports on an additional incumbent abusing his subsidized mail (or "franking") privileges (a follow-up here).

  • The Daily News reports on Wednesday night's gathering of those who want an open process for selecting replacement City Council members (rather than selection by a conclave of Ward Leaders). Many aspirants to the seats (whether in fall or spring) took the opportunity to make a campaign speech; a few of the inside favorites took a pass.

  • Chaka Fattah's exploratory committee has a new website that's getting a lot of bloggish discussion -- look for yourself and judge whether it's "a new standard for online messaging" (as its creators claim) or just another addition to the More-Shine-Than-Substance pile.

  • Ferrick's blog mulls Rendell's announcement that this election will be his last. Among other things, he thinks that a promise to serve out his term will reassure those unexcited about the prospect of a Governor Knoll to follow... (Also an interesting history of Rendell's political career here, right back to his anti-Rizzo entrance.)

  • Meanwhile, in snarkville, Dan at Will Do continues his countdown (now in sparkly letters!) to Street's inevitable and pointless failure to sign Nutter's smoking bill. I hope he's wrong, but man! one week left!


Blogger Philadelphia NOW said...

Sorry to see that your Friday trickle did not include Phila NOW's letter to the editor in Friday's Inquirer on upcoming special elections:

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