Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wednesday highlights

  • I just don't get this sudden flurry of opposition to the fence behind Independence Hall. Don't get me wrong: I'd love to be able to walk freely under the arches there and through the park. It's just that there has been an ugly row of security barriers there for some 5 years, and it's been pretty clear that they would never go away; making a real fence is actually a stab at making appearances nicer. Where has the principled objection been??

  • With the remarkable way that Republican candidates have parroted approved right-wing talking points over the last few years, it takes some gall for Rep. Weldon to accuse Sestak of plagarism for incorporating some think-tank ideas into his own position papers. Wouldn't want to make use of actual research or expertise...

  • Harrisburg holds hearings on slashing its own numbers. Surely nobody believes this could pass? More theoretical musings here.

  • The Philadelphia Weekly takes another look at the new Inquirer/Daily News management partnership, by way of a less-covered player and some of his recent musings on what might change, from more local business coverage to the possibility of a society section.

  • Also in the PW, news of racial tensions in the Philadelphia fire department, where a class action lawsuit alleges preferential treatment of minorities during the promotions process. Sounds like unpleasant working conditions for all these days.

  • Two smaller bits:


Blogger trace said...

The new fence, well actually both fences (the old and the new) are both ugly and pointless. If a terrorist wanted to hit Independence Hall they could in both cases (I know I could come up with a plan so I'm sure they could). Secondly although it is a symbol of our country, do you see a fence around the Coluseum in Italy? or the Pyramids in Egypt? maybe Notre Dame in France? All of them have lasted way longer than the 200+ years America has been around..

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