Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Very quick Tuesday

  • A new study reports that 1 in 4 adults in Philadelphia reports having been the victim of sexual abuse as a child. Fewer than half ever told anybody. Um, wow.

  • The landlord of the mercury-contaminated daycare center is getting a stiff fine that will go toward cleaning up the site. He was supposed to have done it already, but apparently needed a stronger incentive. putz. A criminal investigation continues.

  • Sen. Rick Santorum rages against Iran. Apparently now Ahmadinejad is a larger threat than Saddam ever was (or cold war nukes, or...). How many more rabbits inside that hat, Rick?

  • Apparently the son of State Rep.John Myers was kidnapped over the weekend from his West Philly home, in an incident that involved shootings and the theft of a heap of cash. Geez. Best to all involved!

  • For those of you in or near Columbia County, AAJane offers an interview with David Slavick, candidate from the 109th State House District.

  • Finally, a poster at YPP is frustrated with the nondemocratic system by which replacement members of Philadelphia City Council will be chosen for the special election this fall -- both the secret conclave of Ward Leaders and the somewhat unreassuring likely nominees.


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