Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tuesday news

  • Politicians

    • Today's Connecticut primary is getting a lot of attention nationwide (go, Ned!), and an Inquirer story looks at the involvements of Pennsylvania Democrats who would like to avoid making a choice of whom to support in a possible 3-way general election. (I'd say, "how about the people's choice?" but party loyalty seems a bit of a chancy thing these days, when Insiders Are Threatened... Unsurprisingly, Gov. Rendell is among those contributing to the Senator who has made a mission out of directing all of his attacks toward his own party.)

    • The Inquirer reports yesterday's paranoid Weldon story, in which fears of a protest by "extreme" group MoveOn led to the police being called in on a single teenager (Eagle Scout, heh) taking notes for the Sestak campaign. I guess since he sent rowdies to hassle Sestak, he couldn't imagine somebody taking a more civilized approach...

    • Mariano reported for jail yesterday. More flamboyant (and gloating) description of the same simple fact here.

    • DN columnist Dave Davies looks at the prospects for Brady's joining the mayoral fray, and warns that his reputation as a consensus-builder wouldn't help him in this potentially divisive fight, and supporters who consider him a shoo-in are deluded. Worth a read, for the historical perspective on city factions and tensions.

    • AAJane reports on a political event from this past weekend, at which she got to see Sestak, Lentz, and Rendell in action. Some interesting takes (including the surprising invocation of religious values by Rendell).

    • Hannah at YPP has a lengthy paean to Vern Anastasio, who she thinks is a progressive's dream and a no-brainer choice for City Council (when he presumably renews his challenge to DiCicco).

    • Another YPPer, who likes to think he puts serving the state over partisan considerations, is still baffled by Rendell's hedging on Casey/Santorum. He thinks, as do many, that the differences are pretty stark.

    • Maria Quinones Sanchez is opening a campaign office. I'm sure that better tea-leaf-readers than I will know what that signals about the kaliedoscope of City Council race possibilities...

  • Other

    • The Barnes Foundation has a new head stolen from PAFA, the art school in Philadelphia. His experience with a building move, renovation, and other changes at PAFA were part of his appeal among the finalists. Albert notes that this story is getting even more coverage in New York.

    • Two letter writers express different views of the current clash between City Hall and the Boy Scouts: one argues the city needs the scouts, and the other says it's just about who gets a public subsidy.

    • An Inquirer commentary looks at the issue of female priests in the Catholic church, and argues that fighting against unjust laws is a brave and faithful choice.

    • The Daily News opinion page lets loose a blistering condemnation of the Green party, accusing it of selling out its ideals as a short-cut to ballot access.

    • Mark Alan Hughes is embarassed by the zoning process in Philadelphia, and particularly how its unwritten rules often smack enthusiastic investors and developers coming in from outside.


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