Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thursday round-up B: Miscellaneous

(Yeah, I know; like that other stuff isn't miscellaneous. Hey, it's my organizational system, ok?)
  • Ray Murphy is soliciting ideas for what Street should focus his energies on in his last 18 months -- to improve the city, that is, not get his next job lined up.

  • AAJane gleans some more Patrick Murphy tidbits from a recent appearance.

  • Albert reports on a book-signing event with the authors of The Case for Impeachment. Man, I love Robin's Books! I was interested to hear that the media is shying away from reviewing this book; maybe some law journal will take it on.

  • An Inquirer editorial looks at responses to the issue of gun violence in the area. They seem happy with a recent gun store crack-down, and unimpressed by the intrusion of political considerations into brainstorming for solutions. I think.

  • An Inquirer comentary calls on Philadelphia's Republican Party to shake off its defeatism and get back in the game.

  • Over at the Skyline, Saffron notes the listing of a Rittenhouse mansion for sale after 20 years in limbo, and raises the specter of a landmark's being replaced by another condo development. But perhaps it will go as two prestige properties...


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