Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thursday news round-up A: Large stories

  • State Senate holds the first of several hearings on gun limit legislation, this one in Philly. The proposed law would limit buyers to one handgun per month, in an attempt to reduce reselling on the streets; however, it's also limited to the Philadelphia area, so unless attempts to modify it on the floor (as suggested by supporters) succeed, it would be unlikely to cut down on gun trafficking (much of which arises from surrounding areas) and resulting crimes.

  • Speaking of city violence, a substantial new poll finds that crime and violence issues are rated as most important by Philadelphians, especially in terms of things they'd like to see local candidates discussing. Among other results, Mayor Street receives low approval ratings, Gov. Rendell gets high ones, and rankings among possible mayoral candidates appear to derive largely from name recognition. Ray Murphy gives more numbers for those who'd like to see how other issues were ranked.

  • Discussion of the Green Party and its odd assortment of backers continues today. Among the Santorum supporters and other conservatives supporting the Greens' Senate try are assorted nuts with clear right-wing credentials, from all around the country. Will Bunch has more.

    Update: It appears that this strange alliance came about through the initiative of the Green Party, not scheming by the GOP.

  • The new CityPaper offers a lengthy sympathetic look at the saga of Rick Mariano, who's due to be sentenced on Monday. It left me unmoved.


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