Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thursday downpour

I knew the stories were headed this way eventually...
  • Politicians

    • No deal is ever done: Mayor Street is running down the clock on signing the anti-smoking bill; he has just two more weeks, and expressed doubts about the current version. Is he really willing to nix his own original idea, just to deprive Michael Nutter of some credit in the mayoral race? (and if so, who's he protecting?)

    • The City Paper's political notebook takes a look at State House races in the Northeast section of Philadelphia, wondering whether John Perzel or George Kenney could fall prey to residual pay-hike anger and the dedicated efforts of their opponents, Tim Kearney and Brendan Boyle, respectively.

    • A regional blog notes a chance encounter between Sens. Santorum and Specter, and reads the tea leaves about their personalities and current relations.
      (via Above Average Jane)

    • Pennsyltucky Politics notes that neither Pennsylvania Senator is at all popular with staffers, who see their nonpublic uglies.

    • The fate of Carl Romanelli's Senate candidacy could end up in the lap of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, who must rule on how many signatures are actually required, as well as on who is allowed to circulate petitions. (Neither answer is as simple as it might seem.)
      (via Pennsyltucky Politics)

  • Other news

    • The owner of a 450-acre farm in the Philadelphia suburbs died recently, leaving conservationists and others concerned about the fate of a critical open green space (which spans Fairmont Park to Fort Washington State Park).

    • An independent agency gives Philadelphia schools a mixed report card for progress on measures ranging from class size to facilities upkeep.

    • Apparently Bucks County has applied for funds to prevent gang invasion of their tree-lined neighborhoods. Would that we could get such funds to solve *existing* problems!

    • The new CityPaper features a cover story on the 10th Fringe Festival starting soon (although the linked story appears to be more about one longtime performer than about the festival itself -- beats me).

    • Another strong CP article looks at SEPTA reluctance to switch to green fuels, which appears to be based more on lack of motivation (and thus information) than on any real barrier to making the change. Imagine smog-free buses! (imagine, if you can...)

    • AAJane notes some appearances of Pennsylvania places and issues in the Wall Street Journal.

  • Opinionistas

    • An Inquirer editorial calls on Philadelphia's mayoral candidates to address the appalling city poverty figures announced yesterday.

    • The Daily News takes on the scheduled special election for City Council, arguing that real voters should have a say in choosing the candidates, rather than just party insiders. Hear, hear!

    • An opinion column in the DN jumps off of a Santorum campaign ad to look at malpractice and tort reform (coming to slightly different conclusions than does the Senator).

    • CityPaper's "loose cannon" looks at organizational information flow as a "sniff test" for its health and civic-mindedness, and then applies that test to a number of local institutions and politicians.

    • Have some strong opinions of your own about what future mayoral aspirants should be thinking about? The Next Mayor site is collecting top issues, so now's your chance to get your priorities some attention.
      (via PhillyFuture)


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