Monday, August 21, 2006

Quiet news Monday

Lots of imaginary conversations and other silliness in the papers today, indicating a bit of a slow news day. There were some interesting things in yesterday's Inquirer, but if I don't have it here before me, I can't recall...
  • Ed Rendell isn't really pushing himself this time around, with a big lead by all measures. yawn. Related drivel here.

  • A Saturday report gave highlights of the radio debate between Fitzpatrick and Murphy, 8th District Congressional rivals. Fitzpatrick argued that
    Israel should have the right to a preemptive strike against Iran if it believes such action "to be in their self-interest."
    Who are we talking about, again? Murphy criticized this stance.

  • Some small bits at the Inquirer include a near-admission by Saidel that he's running for mayor and a possible gaffe by Evans in responding to a pay dispute between firemen and the city.

  • The Pennsylvania Progressive shares some photos and impressions from a Casey campaign stop in Berks County. Sounds like the Bobster could use some better publicity coordination with locals. Sound familiar to anybody?

  • Young Philly Politics alerts us to a brainstorming session on crime/violence being held by Chaka Fattah on Thursday evening. He seems to be trying to get smart people together to debate the possibilities (to judge by his previous forum on housing), so if you've got solutions, come and have your say.

  • And via AAJane and YPP, an article from a couple weeks back describing a wealthy conservative donor who'd like to help oust a number of incumbents in Pennsylvania's legislative races (a few from each party, but he'd like to see Perzel out as Speaker in Harrisburg). He seems to have a reform agenda, in this, at least.

  • Today's Daily News cover story expresses dismay at the tasteless shirts that glorify gangster culture in a period of such serious and deadly local violence.

  • Speaking of tasteless, the racist symbolism that greeted protesters in Riverside, PA (see prev. here) belies the rational arguments made in support of their new immigrant legislation.

    1. It appears that Riverside is in NJ, not PA -- I'm not sure whether I've been conflating two stories for a while now, or if I just got the wrong locale into my head. bleah.
    2. The comments left on this Inquirer article about the rally/counter-demonstration are pretty appalling. A year of active stirring of American xenophobia is really paying off -- "I don't want them living in my building," complaints about smell and crime and... Wow.

  • I never know about Happenings around Philadelphia -- am always perplexed to encounter parades or preparations for some festival along the Parkway. How do all the rest of the crowds know to show up? sigh. Anyway, the latest Great Event that I totally slept through was Unity Day. Sounds like a great sucess.


Anonymous albert said...

a co-worker of mine told me about Unity Day, but i totally forgot about it, until i biked right into the middle of it on sunday on the way to play soccer. huuuuge crowd. the food smelled great.

4:26 PM  

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