Monday, August 07, 2006

Monday news round-up

A little later than usual; blame AAJane, who lured me out to lunch...
  • More discussion of Bob Brady's possible run for mayor, this time in terms of the politicians who might be pushing him into the race, and the possibility that they're doing it in an attempt to keep some influence for themselves. I suspect that their hopes of clearing the field are due for a let-down. Tom Fitzgerald points out that Fumo's backing hasn't put candidates in office recently, with several favored picks falling by the wayside. [Another note at this link mentions that Brady has paid several city Ward leaders as consultants in the last year...]

  • Albert had a violent reaction to yesterday's newspaper story about Ed Rendell, in which the governor says nice things about (or at least refuses to attack, despite the barn-wide target) the Republican opponent of his own hand-picked candidate for Senate. I might have chosen different words, but my reaction was much like Albert's. What on earth?!?
    It plays right into Santorum's strategy: Brand himself as a pot-hole senator who crosses party lines to deliver for the state. In the must-win Philadelphia suburbs, there's no better messenger than Rendell. Already, Santorum is running a radio ad in the Philadelphia region mentioning the governor.
    I know how I'm voting in the Senate race, but I'm beginning to rethink my vote for Governor!

  • John Baer thinks Lynn Swann's latest fundraising letter looks a little desperate. Not pretty.

  • Above Average Jane has an interview with Chris Casey, candidate for the state house in the 134th district.

  • A Daily News piece looks at officials who've been bucking residency requirements, and applauds Seth Williams' efforts as Inspector General in tracking them down.

  • A story in which PGW is the good guy, for a change, helping some tenants get service despite their absurd landlord's behavior. Comes with a short lesson on tenants' rights.

  • Ray Murphy comments on the painful front-page DN story on victims of violence. Meantime, Dan UA notes a story on the emergence of violence in the Poconos, and sees a lesson on the root causes of such problems. Meantime, Ben, in a Friday afternoon post, looks at some lessons to be learned from other cities in using social services to help cut off the problems that lead to criminal activity.

  • The Catholic Church may be preparing to crack down on the rogue ordination of women, but locally Eileen DiFranco just celebrated her first mass in Germantown, to a warm reception.

  • And here's a little snark at the expense of Curt Weldon's latest paranoia: the fearsome Eagle Scout (cum cub reporter)!!


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I am adding "lunch lurer" to my list of talents. It will surely add heft to the idea that more time should be designated to keeping me happy (or at least fed and entertained). And perhaps up my value from the current 50 goats to your suggested 2 cows. I'm all for progress along these lines.

Oh, and I'm hoping for a full report from your upcoming excursion to the intersection of comedy and politics (well, the intentional intersection anyway).

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