Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Belated Tuesday round-up

Stayed home useless today. Only a skimming look; will dig around more tomorrow when I'm, um, functional.
  • Apparently Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick has seen the light on Iraq. I'm sure the strong challenge from Patrick Murphy and the election 3 months off have nothing to do with his sudden discovery that he's capable of disagreeing with the President.

  • Two-thirds of the Green Party ticket has decided to withdraw rather than take on a legal challenge to their ballot petitions. That leaves the Democratic challenge focused on Senate candidate Romanelli.

  • AAJane give a report of another political rally that she attended, this one focused on veterans and featuring Patrick Murphy, Ed Rendell, and others.

  • The Daily News reports on Census data about Philadelphia, showing that the city is shrinking but becoming more ethnically diverse (although we still have many fewer immigrants than other large cities).

  • Treasurer (and Senate Candidate) Bob Casey finds himself in the midst of a proxy fight at Heinz, in which the state treasury holds shares.

  • This may be short notice for many, but Neighborhood Networks is sponsoring the first of several mayoral forums tonight at the Irish Pub -- a chance to see them in person and maybe ask some questions. They hope to have the other four top mayoral suspects in similar events this summer, to help members form some opinions for next spring, so that by fall we can be focusing on this year's elections again.


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Note: After accepting lucrative campaign contributions from the utility companies (Allegheny Power, ARIPPA PAC, Columbia Gas, Dominion, Duquense Light, FirstEnergy Corp, PPL Corp, and the like), Joe Preston wrapped a "moral responsibility" cloak around Act 201 (Responsible Utility Customer Protection Act), and rushed from committee legislation that makes it much easier for the seedist financial interest in the country to terminate the gas, electric and water service of poor, low-income customers. Throughout the entire process, there was not a single public hearing on the measure.

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