Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wednesday odd bits (yes, I'm back)

A bit late in posting, as my whole day has been phase-shifted by some midday appointments. Bleah. Anyway, no big stories today, but a variety of medium interesting bits...
  • Today the full New Jersey state shut-down hits, with casinos and parks losing their holiday reprieve. Lovely.

  • After sitting on a stalled recycling program for a couple of years, the city of Philadelphia is finally going to try expanding recycling in some areas, including pick-up of plastic (!!). The new program, which does not build on the RecycleBank pilot program (see previous here), will be rolled out in Northeast Philly.

  • A longtime battle over whether/how to place a Revolutionary War museum in Valley Forge Park (see prev. here) gets a new twist with the involvement of the US Secretary of the Interior, lobbying Congress on the park's behalf. Perhaps some progress can be made now...

  • Philadelphia crusaders against carry-out beer licenses (confusingly called "stop-n-go" stores) are likely to be disappointed by a court ruling that stripped City Council of veto power over the issuing of such licenses. This makes it more difficult to rein in neighborhood nuisance businesses -- not sure what recourse local organizations will find.

  • The Daily News provides a chilling report about mailings never delivered by the U.S. Postal Service, including several major time-sensitive political mailings. Apparently the relocation of bulk mail services, with new equipment and many new employees, has led to a drop in handling of such large prepared mailings. Eep!

  • Lynn Swann is on the road, getting his gubernatorial campaign into high gear to take on Gov. Rendell's substantial lead. I sense that Baer is unimpressed.

  • An Inquirer editorial looks at the Schools Commission's initial ambitions and their partial fulfillment to date. A little experience has cooled their expectations, but slow progress is being made on many fronts.

  • Harrisburg legislators passed on voting on the marriage amendment before they broke for the summer. Ben thinks this is a good time to work on getting some new blood into Harrisburg. . .

  • AAJane thinks Mike Fitzpatrick should be getting active on flooding issues, rather than calling for study and investigation, particularly since he's already been serving on the agencies charged with making things right.

  • Friedman at AH notes the entry of McClure into the pool of City Council candidates for some future election(s).

  • The Philadelphia Weekly notes the arrival of anti-war grannies in the city, where they challenge military recruiters to take them and leave their grandchildren alone (among other forms of peaceful trouble-making). I love this group.

  • Another PW piece looks at the planned Convention Center expansion, and particularly at various local artistic groups and organizations that will be displaced along the way.

  • Finally, Phila Will Do manages to make light of Senate race prospects and local media coverage in one bit of affectionate snark.


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