Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday news (late edition)

  • A group gathered to mark the 15th anniversary of Frank Rizzo's death. His bigger-than-life anticrime stance still attracts a lot of admirers, whatever later investigations might have hinted about how the city fared under a mailed fist.

  • The hearing on the Spring Garden tower was raucous as expected. It sounds like zoning officials would like to find a compromise, perhaps a shorter tower that would cool local ire.

  • John Baer thinks Dwight Evans has shown in the state house that he's serious about gun violence. He's been trying to make his district "a laboratory for the whole city" in rebuilding community spirit and improving law enforcement along the way.

  • Seth Williams has a post at YPP sending a call for action on city violence -- now, by everyday citizens. Dan seconds the sentiment.

  • Above Average Jane offers two looks at the 8th District Congressional race between Mike Fitzpatrick and Patrick Murphy: recent poll results showing the gap closing between incumbent and challenger, and a closer look at Fitzpatrick's political origins, which show him well-connected within the party.

  • Friedman points us to a podcast interview with Michael Nutter.

  • Finally, a poster at Philly Future points out a recent study showing a "ghetto tax" paid by the poor, from higher insurance costs to usurious loans, etc., making it even harder to break the cycle of poverty. Good points.


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