Thursday, July 27, 2006

Thursday news dump

  • Albert's tip was good: Philly out of the Olympics race, for this time around, anyway.

  • John Baer adds fuel to the fire of speculation about Brady's mayoral aspirations. Meanwhile, the DN opinion page hopes that this meeting of titans produces something more than talk.

  • An Inquirer piece tries to take the temperature of suburban Rendell supporters, concluding that they'll vote for him, but aren't super enthused.

  • A national Latino group is making a voter-registration push in Pennsylvania and New Jersey this year, claiming that this area's hispanic population is growing and under-organized.

  • Gay rights activists are working voter registration too, in many parts of the state, carrying an anti-Santorum message along the way.

  • Apparently campaign donations from controversial characters are a hot potato, resulting in a Casey gift's being redirected to Philadelphians Against Santorum (much to Ray Murphy's joy).

  • Mayor Street will go live on TV tonight to address Philadelphia's violence problem and describe programs to combat it.

  • The Daily News opinion page applauds the new program to keep guns out of schools.

  • Smerconish thinks that the Boy Scout kerfluffle is an attempted diversion from more serious city problems. Not sure I agree, but I found noteworthy some additional information he provides, including that the scouts have actually been paying quite a lot for the building they've been using:
    In reality, the scouts pay $60,000 a year for maintenance and upkeep of the property. They also made $2.6 million in renovations to the building in the mid-'90s.
    I leave it to better diggers to clarify the discrepancy between this and the $1 rent claim made earlier in the week.

  • Above Average Jane draws us to a Bucks County editorial by Paul Lang, candidate for state Senate, in which he rebutts some of this opponent's claims.

  • A new-to-me regional political blog reports on turmoil within both major parties as stallwarts demand that their leadership represent their beliefs.

  • The new CityPaper has sent a number of its reporters walking around the city, and the cover and several related stories report on their discoveries and rediscoveries along the way.

  • The feds are bringing a heap of indictments against people regionally who were involved in ID theft and related crimes, from check-cashing to false mortgage deals.


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