Monday, July 31, 2006

Monday lag-fest

Internet connectivity intermittant today, and work ceaseless. Will get this out when I can...
  • An Inquirer piece describes Joe Sestak's challenge to US Rep. Curt Weldon as a bit of a risky undertaking, with the already steep odds compounded by Sestak's disinterest in professional polishing and other advice from the political class. I imagine it's hard for a retired admiral to take orders, but this could be the wrong time to try to learn everything on the job.

  • Santorum's camp is unrepentent over its attempts to link opponent Casey to an Arabic news organization, even after revelations that it had the wrong Al Jazeera(h). (The one endorsing Casey is a group promoting cross-cultural understanding, and is based in Georgia.) [This link has a smattering of other small political bits too.]

  • More editorials calling for creative solutions, strategic vision, and more leadership in fighting gun violence in Philadelphia. Ok, I think we're all in agreement...

  • A Daily News editorial suggests that a solution to prison overcrowding could be to get rid of minimum sentences for low-level drug offenses, in favor of keeping violent offenders incarcerated.

  • A YPP poster is concerned about a plan to reduce the number of PA legislators.

  • Another YPP poster looks at the recent relocation of AAA headquarters as an example of how regional cooperation in economic development goals could better serve the interests of all of their residents.

  • A PhillyFuture post looks at the rise and fall of Operation Clean Sweep in Pennsylvania.


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