Monday, July 17, 2006

Monday deluge II: state and other...

  • An Inquirer piece looks at the recently passed budgets of PA and NJ and compares the two in size and content. New Jersey appears to spend more to help local governments and school systems, while Pennsylvania has a larger total budget (to go with its larger population) only because of the infusion of federal funds.

  • Some smaller regional bits at the Inky include Gov. Rendell keeping reporters off his bus, battles over how to arrange a US Senate debate, and some of the faces supporting various GOP incumbents in the state.

  • A regional company is offering to turn all sorts of landfill into usable fuel (or maybe even sewage sludge!), and they may get a chance to demonstrate their capability in a couple of spots in the state. And speaking of eco-friendly solutions, some municipal sites are finding that goats provide pretty good lawn-care...

  • Dan UA was distressed to find Green party folks gathering Senate ballot petitions under the guise of supporting the minimum wage. Sure, the MW can go higher, but folks should know what they're doing with their signatures (and they should wonder where all the funding for petition-collectors might be coming from).

  • For those who live in or near the 15th Congressional District, Above Average Jane provides an interview with Charles Dertinger, the Democratic challenger to freshman Charlie Dent.

  • And finally, Mark Stier is back from vacation and again ruminating on the future of progressivism, and he promises a series this week on goals and themes that can unite the local and statewide efforts. Introduction today, as well as Parts I: We're All in This Together, & II: in Philadelphia Too. Long but chewy.


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