Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday speed round-up

Day squeezed from both ends, so little time to do more than skim...
  • State spending has increased under Rendell a little faster than in other states. Lessee, less federal aid, more need, health costs... this is a surprise?

  • Democratic Party announces official plans to pour money into the races against Weldon (Sestak) and Fitzpatrick (P. Murphy). This means they've joined the ranks of top-tier (as judged by the DCCC) opportunities for taking back the House.

  • Immigration may seem like it wouldn't be a pressing issue in an inland state like Pennsylvania, but some towns are passing ordinances to make it harder for employers to hire illegals or landlords to rent to them (!). Feel the love...

  • A bunch of Philadelphia cultural organizations are benefitting from Pew grants. yay!

  • More looks at the crack-down on city curfew-breakers (announced yesterday): an Inquirer article looks at some of the downsides, including reducing crime surveillance and evidence that most juvenile crime occurs earlier in the day, and a Daily News opinion piece argues that curfews are key to keeping kids themselves safe and preventing minor crime. Add your thoughts to this PhillyFuture thread.

  • Rick Mariano's defense cost taxpayers a half million $, way more than his embezzlement games netted him.

  • An Inquirer editorial joins the chorus encouraging the city to follow the recommendations of its recent disaster-preparedness report.

  • Ray Murphy is upset about the arrival of casinos and possible displacement of TastyKakes headquarters. And some conspiracies I couldn't really sort out.

  • Another YPP poster is concerned about the fate of LIHEAP, given some fund-shuffling...

  • Like to see Perzel out? then Tim Kearney would be your guy -- check him out at his event/fundraiser tomorrow (most of the day).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

On the Ray Murphy post, what's with his affinity for NJ? New Jersey looks good? Why?

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