Friday, July 07, 2006

Friday news

  • New Jersey's government managed to find a budget compromise, meaning that its government is back in action. [The Inquirer has a half-dozen related stories, all of which are linked from the above.]

  • Former Philadelphia City Councilman Rick Mariano was officially sentenced, getting 6.5 years of jail time -- he'd hoped for none, but prosecutors had asked for 10 years. [There are also linked stories here.] More coverage at the DN here.

  • An Inquirer story reports ongoing ire about last year's legislative pay-hike, particularly the complete failure to pass any reforms in the ensuing session -- whether on lobbyist activities, the legislative process, or anything else. Much was discussed (given lip service?), nothing finalized. On the other hand, the minimum wage did get passed; some penance is better than none.

  • A flurry of coverage of gun regulation today, including the formation of a new task force to help reduce illegal gun trafficking in Philadelphia, the failure of any gun-purchase limits, and a mildly optimistic editorial at the Daily News. Details yet to come.

  • Lynn Swann doesn't like the recently passed property tax plan, because it broadens the reach of rebates for seniors without greatly increasing the maximum rebate per homeowner. May this be our largest worry in the year ahead!

  • While Philadelphia's ambitious plan was a pioneer of the notion of free or inexpensive citywide wireless, other cities are passing us by, most recently Pittsburgh, which will go live in September.

  • Above Average Jane offers a profile of the state House 183rd District (spanning Lehigh and Northampton Counties) and an interview with Russ Shade, the Democratic challenger (and self-described gadfly) there.

  • Ray Murphy notes that a couple of programs once championed by Seth Williams (challenger for District Attorney) are being pursued by other players in the regional political system. Glad to see good ideas taking root; there will still be plenty of problems that need solving, should Williams run again.

  • Ben at YPP looks at the recent events around Philadelphia City Council as an opportunity for progressives to try to capture a number of seats, district as well as at-large...

  • Friedman of AHH notes three neat new resources for Philadelphians: a new restaurant at the Water Works on the Schuylkill, some historical photos blog offered by the Department of Records, and a website of short films about cool neighborhoods, including two in Philly.

  • Finally, the Metro's look at local blogs focuses this week on Matt of A Tattered Coat.
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Blogger asdgsfd said...

Sadly, I think it's going to take a new generation of state legislators before gun control and lobbying reform get passed. One of our best chances (in my opinion, and a person who I'm doing my best to pull for) is Bryan Lentz. As a former prosecutor in Philly, Bryan is strongly in favor of one gun a month legislation, and also in favor of strong lobbying reform. Incidentally, Bryan also ran Seth William's campaign in 2005.

Also, here’s a shameless plug for a new pro-Lentz blog Citizens for Lentz

10:28 AM  

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