Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Wednesday deluge II -- Other top stories

  • Same-sex marriage

    1. Pennsylvania's State House voted overwhelmingly to pass a state constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, despite the fact that a law is already on the books to the same effect. (Also despite the fact that voters have been clamoring on completely different fronts such as tax relief.) Even if the State Senate also passes the measure later this month, that only starts a two-year procedure including another vote and then a voter referendum. Debate was raucus. The list of votes and some selected quotes are included at the end of this article.

    2. Daily News columnist John Baer accuses the GOP leadership of raising a bogus issue to divert voters from the pay-hike and other concerns. He also thinks they may have misjudged strategically, as voters know full well that there are bigger issues at hand.

    3. Signe makes the same point about priorities visually in her inimitable style.

    4. The Daily News opinion page also thinks that the reintroduction of this issue at the national level is a tired ploy and makes the GOP look desperate and scared. A second opinion piece there wonders how anybody's individual marriages could possibly need (or get) protection from such a constitutional amendment.

    5. Marc Stier thinks this is a sad day for PA and urges opponents of the current measure to sign a petition at Liberty City.

  • Santorum and Casey clash over environment

    Apparently the meeting of the two US Senate candidates last night was less civil than on previous occasions, with Casey lashing his opponent for consistently putting business interests ahead of environmental and health concerns. First signs of life from the challenger, or the effects of a friendly crowd?


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