Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tuesday politicians

  • Adding insult to... flattery? Apparently State House Speaker John Perzel is charging taxpayers for an image consultant to help him undo the damage dealt by his brusque handling of the pay hike, dairy wages, and other gaffes of the last year. Their main step appears to be preventing him from speaking off the cuff... [The piece also notes other political groupings and individuals that pay media consultants from taxpayer funds -- Does this mean we're, um, handling ourselves? -- as well as revealing that at least one consultant has written news opinion pieces without revealing his employer, yeesh.]

  • US Senator Rick Santorum is attempting to polish his environmental image by appearing before the Pennsylvania Environmental Council tonight, perhaps in hopes that his superior speaking skills will outshine Bob Casey's more mainstream views on environmental issues.

  • The race in the state 175th House district goes to court, as expected, with write-in candidate Emilio Vazquez asking that a substantial number of misplaced votes (stamped under Ward comitteeman rather than State Rep.) be counted to reverse the current lead of Tony Payton. His second choice would be a special election to clarify the voters' will.

  • New Jersey's primaries are today, including the contentious race for the Democratic nomination for US Senate. Expect a flurry of coverage.

  • Last night was also the election for many of Philadelphia's Democratic Ward Leaders. Most were probably reelected by acclamation, a few had contested elections, there were retirements and upsets, and at least one gathering came to blows. All part of the local circus.


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