Sunday, June 04, 2006

The rest of the Friday deluge

What's a small delay between friends -- were you really reading Friday night anyway? I didn't think so...
  • Inquirer story on Thursday's anti-casino rally -- they're hoping against hope that it's not a done deal. Marc Stier was impressed with the showing and gives his own reasons for opposing the arrival of slots parlors in Philadelphia.

  • The Montgomery County Republicans just reelected their chair in a close-fought battle that appeared to be over future prospects of their party in suburban districts.

  • This week Philadelphia hosted a conference on the aging urban population, which concluded that this group would present new challenges by a decade from now, which require some advance planning.

  • Despite protests from many progressive voices, Philadelphia City Council voted to delay implmentation of the rollback of taxes for low-income residents, originally put forward by Councilman David Cohen. Marc Stier looks at the political maneuvers and deal-making that have combined to block passage of this tax rebate. A bit long, but a good glimpse into how things can sometimes happen too fast (or too invisibly) to allow advocacy groups to really be part of the discussion. A good reason to have allies at the table...

  • The Inquirer editorial page lays into Geno's owner for his ridiculous xenophobic business policies. Time for a trip to Pat's...

  • The Daily News opinion page expresses the hope that election-year politics wouldn't get in the way of legislation to be sure that no children fall through the cracks in Pennsylvania's health care system.

  • Above Average Jane asked fellow bloggers what bargain they feel they make with candidates they support -- what work, what boostering, what holding them accountable. Lots of interesting discussion ensues. Jane's answer is here, Albert's is here, and a collection of other responses is here.


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