Monday, June 05, 2006

Quick Monday round-up

Another tight day. In a short week. Will do what I can to keep us all up to date... ;)
  • Politicians:

    • In the realm of Major Speculation, local wags are wondering whether presumed 2007 mayoral hopeful (and current US Rep.) Chaka Fattah would reconsider his ambitions if the Democratic party retook a majority of the US House this fall (still a nontrivial IF). In that case, he'd be high-ranking in the Appropriations Committee, but not necessarily in line for a chairmanship; anyway, he says that won't factor into his decision.

    • John Baer talks to State House Speaker John Perzel about what's ahead for the GOP after the recent primary shake-ups. Perzel seems unflapped, gives nothing away.

    • Ward elections take place this evening all around the city. Most will be rubber-stamping of incumbents, but a handful of wards have challenges to sitting leaders or have open seats (as in mine) which could produce some lively discussion (if such is allowed). Time to test the iron fists in many instances; expect some chewy stories tomorrow.

  • Other bits:

    • The judge in last year's Dover intelligent design case is responding to criticism by waging and educational campaign about the importance of judicial independence. Good for him. Separation of powers seems a bit unpopular these days...

    • Philadelphia's real estate boom continues to spread, reaching out from the Art Museum area and Temple University into nearby neighborhoods of North Philly. Residents are struggling to draw up guides for neighborhood development in time.

  • Opinionizers:


Anonymous albert said...

i heard that judge from the ID case on WHYY some time ago and he seems to have one hell of a level head on his shoulders.

9:55 AM  
Blogger ACM said...

yeah, excerpts from the opinion and descriptions of how the case was heard make it sound like he's quite reasonable and also really insisted on getting his own head around the facts in the case. a breath of fresh air...

9:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fattah is a liar -

8:52 PM  

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