Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Other Tuesday miscellania

  • An Inquirer editorial applauds UPenn's vision for development along the Schuylkill River. yes, I spelled that from memory, thanks.

  • Sensing an opportunity for shared narrow-mindedness, US Senator Rick Santorum made a stop by Geno's to voice his support for the unfriendly "English-only" policy there. Guess he's found his Philadelphia constituency... Philadelphia Will Do chips in a little more snark.

  • A YPP poster notes that things are coming to a head for the minimum wage bill. He seems cautiously optimistic, but it's definitely a good time to let your state legislators know how you feel.

  • A Philly Future poster also has a look at the federal effort on the minimum wage, which could come up for a vote this week. He also notes that Congress has been much quicker to up its own salary than that of the hard-working folks at the other end of the economic spectrum...

  • Phila Will Do looks at some absurdist claims made by the Republican TV boy running against Allyson Schwartz. For me, the tie really makes it. I mean, it's so Tucker...


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