Thursday, June 01, 2006

Other Thursday bits (late edition)

  • Tony Payton is the proclaimed winner in the close race in the state house 179th district, by the amazing margin of only 19 votes. However, the Vazquez team intends to take the verdict to court, claiming that some of the disallowed write-in votes should have been counted. Meantime, Vazquez is running for Ward leader...

  • The state coffers have a surplus this year, and Rendell recommends giving it back in a mix of business tax breaks and exclusions for education savings. Other details are mentioned here.

  • A wacky idea that might be popular: New Jersey Senate candidates Kean and Menendez will take place in an online debate, at about the pace of a question every couple weeks. Might draw Casey out of hiding?

  • The Daily News takes a closer look at yesterday's story about who should buy an empty school property, and notes that it poses a brutal question about which outcome better benefits not only the larger community but even regional students, as well as how the school district makes ends meet. meh.

  • I'm going to miss it, but next weekend's Odunde Festival (3 days this year) looks like quite an event...

  • Apparently in parts of South Philly you have to clear new trees with your neighbors unless you want to end up skulking around at night... Latest installment of Old Timers versus Uppity New Folks...

  • The question of Street's proposed delay in the "Cohen tax cut" (intended to give the poor a break starting next year) gets two mentions today: Marc Stier points out that the theoretical savings of the roll-back are vastly exaggerated and asks for help in blocking it, and Florence Cohen appeals to higher principle and her husband's memory in service of the same end. There's a hearing tomorrow morning (9 am) in Council chambers.


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