Tuesday, June 27, 2006

In other Tuesday news

  • The minimum wage

    • With Pennsylvania's state House and Senate having each passed some version of an increase in the minimum wage, the Inquirer reports that House Democrats are pushing for a vote to approve the Senate version (as a compromise that would get the deed done). They won't hold the budget hostage over the issue, but intend to try "parliamentary maneuvers" to force a vote before the session ends.

    • The Daily News opinion page urges a vote for the Senate version as well. They note the concern that Republican leaders in the House will attempt to let the clock run out on this measure to avoid its becoming an election issue.

    • A post at YPP speaks up for the Minimum Wage Coalition, agreeing that they prefer the House version but encourage passage of the Senate version as soon as possible. They recommend calling your state representative; perhaps a call to House Majority Leader Smith wouldn't be misplaced either...

  • John Dougherty's the subject of a substantial Philadelphia Magazine profile, which portrays him as a defender of traditional Philadelphia values. It recaps various stories swirling around Doc over the last few months, and also makes heavy parallels with former mayor Frank Rizzo. He comes across as an old-style "boss" type politician (ugh) and a bit of an oddball. Also noted is Dougherty's wife's current illness (which I hadn't heard about), which could play a role in his decision this fall about whether or not to run for mayor. The article also speculates that he won't want to risk his mystique by submitting to the indignity of the electoral process. See further speculations from Dan UA here.

  • Tom Ferrick takes the pulse of local political races by looking at their recent financial reports. Conclusion: it's helpful to be an incumbent...

  • Finally, Albert reports that onetime Pennacchio supporters, like the Deaniacs before them, are attempting to keep their group alive and find new focus for their progressive energies. I hope they can find a home, too, in groups like DFA, NN, and other groups already trying to build the ground game for a progressive future.


Anonymous albert said...

We'll be working with/in/outside of already established groups in PA.

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