Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Belated Wednesday round-up

Quite a heap of tabs still open, and I'm crashing, so perhaps a bit quick tonight:
  • Rendell signed the recently passed property tax cut bill, amidst a flurry of election-related posturing. The link concludes with a summary of the law's provisions.

  • Fumo's two computer guys were officially charged today (see also here). Charges are obstructing the federal investigation.

  • Delayed settlement of some logistical bits could push back the institution of gaming in Pennsylvania by a year. Don't spend that money yet, kids!

  • An Inquirer editorial makes the case for a minimum wage increase, and in particular for the state House's approval of the Senate version of legislation to raise ours.

  • The Philadelphia Weekly has a cover story about Rep. Jack Murtha's lonely stance against continuing the Iraq war, looking at his own history as well as the barrage of criticism leveled against him since he introduced a measure for withdrawel. [They also follow it up with a bit of a ranty editorial.]

  • Other PW stories:
  • Above Average Jane gives some impressions of Paul Lang, candidate for the state Senate, gleaned from several months of email interaction. She's pretty impressed.

  • For anybody who hasn't had their fill of controversy over Geno's English-only policy, the DN offers a heap of letters with a range of views.


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