Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Today's Things About Politicians

Well, not all from today, since a couple of bits appeared in Sunday's paper, but long weekends are blogging-free times for me...
  • In a letter to the Daily News, a city resident explains why she voted for Babette Josephs, despite the pay raise. I don't have the author's long history in this city, but I share her view of Josephs as an ally in the fights that matter most.

  • A Sunday editorial in the Inquirer took on Lynn Swann's new property tax proposal, concluding that it would hang schools out to dry.
    This is a plan to limit taxes, without giving much consideration to what those taxes are purchasing. When that same one-sided philosophy was imposed on Californians, the results were indeed dramatic. Property owners got immediate tax relief, and public schools got decades of program cutbacks and decline.
    The piece also points out that it would create a disincentive for people considering moving to Pennsylvania, since new buyers bear the brunt of property tax increases. Altogether a harsh assessment.

  • eRobin went to the Patrick Murphy campaign's day of community service, timed to coicide (and contrast) with the big fundraiser being held by his opponent.
    (via Above Average Jane)


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