Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thursday opinions

  1. Daily News columnist offers some advice to his new overlords. Unsurprisingly, he thinks more conservative opinions should be heard, but he also has a variety of suggestions for how the papers' resources and strengths would best be used.

  2. Marc Stier calls on Philadelphia's political leaders not to force the poor to absorb the cost of balancing the city's budget. There will be a hearing next Thursday evening on the move to roll back planned tax-cuts for the poor, and Stier offers lots of explanation for what the cuts were supposed to achieve.

  3. Dan at YPP asks readers to help him try to define what being a progressive means. A challenge to boil it down to basic principles, but a good way to start to define common ground and goals.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Because of the gerrymandering it occurs to me a few of your reader may be interested in what's going on in the PA-9th. Do you live in the PA 9th? better check a map and make sure....

Anyway. looks like Bush/Cheney puppet Bill Shuster won't have a free pass in 06 after all. Tony Barr a special ed teacher from Claysburg PA pulled off a miracle and got the 1000 write in votes neccessary to put him on the ballot in November. Check out Tony's website at


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