Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thursday deluge

I have 19 tabs open and have to leave in under two hours, so just a quick round-up of what caught my eye earlier today:
  • Above Average Jane notes that Mike Fitzpatrick wasted no time before laying into his now-official general election opponent, releasing a combined congratulations and smack-down. (Her response is quite amusing.)

  • Rick Santorum was also quick to call out his opponent (although he did pause for breath). He'd like the race to be about Casey rather than about Bush and the Republican leadership.

  • A Committee of 70 volunteer recounts some polling place drama from his stint on Tuesday. At my own polling place, a paranoid committee person wouldn't let the rovers even ask the judge of elections how things were going, although we had no technical problems and kept a close eye on "suggestions" to voters from helpful pollworkers.

  • Another CityPaper story bemoans the low turnout and gives a few highlights from the election and various watering holes where the players gather.

  • First round of speculation about what the dramatic upsets of Jubilerer and Brightbill mean for the fall elections and the cause of legislative reform. Some conservative reformers are taking a different angle, calling for renewal of the Republican party and its original goals. Not only the tall wood fell, but some local giants had surprises too, indicating that the activists created by Bush misbehavior are also starting to make their presence known, in Philadelphia at least.

  • Speculation and dismay, as well, about what happened to the voting machines around town and whether things will run more smoothly in the hot November election. The City Commissioners promise a thorough investigation.

  • Meanwhile, Tony Payton is shocked by the amazing success of the party-backed write-in campaign, but the margin is close enough that challenges and double-checks could leave the result in that race in doubt for a while yet.

    Update: Dan at UA thinks this was a poor showing for the party in many respects...

  • Chester County's special election provided an upset of its own, electing a Democrat to the State Senate (by a wide margin) for the first time in a century. [Best part of the story is the name of the last Dem. State Senator: Septimus Niven.] Jim Gerlach unlikely to be happy with this news.

  • Philly's City Council and Mayor may actually find a budget they can agree on, apparently after a bunch of back-room negotiations.

  • The Daily News reports that Philadelphia tourism is booming, so I guess the 40,000 articles about our coolness mean that the secret is out.

  • Finally, columnist Sandra Shea points out the holes in casino design restrictions and challenges readers to come to a public design forum at the Convention Center next week.


Anonymous phillydem said...

That Cmte of 70 report was pretty interesting. The GOP actually tried that same stunt, sending the same cmteman into the booth with our many Russian/Ukranian voters as an "interpreter" during the 2003 mayoral election at my old poll. Since they were speaking Russian/Ukranian we had no idea what was being said. Once we caught on to what was happening, we stopped it and the cmteman was booted out of the poll.

When they are in the poll, election judges have the same authority and power of municipal judges - they say what goes inside the poll and can boot anyone with the threat of having the cops arrest said person if they try and disrupt the election further.

That obviously is what should have happened at the poll in question. Seemingly a very bad job by the judge.

5:46 PM  
Anonymous Joyful Alternative said...

PhillyDem, I had the same problem when I lived in Philadelphia and was a registered Republican in the 1970s. The Republican committeeman insisted I needed help in voting and he should come inside the curtain with me to help me with the ballot. I had to physically push him out.

9:31 AM  
Blogger lutton said...

Congrats on your committee's a funny story of how things come full circle sometimes:

In September 2003, I organized a group outting to a Phillies game for Philly for Dean

Some of the attendees were my family from NYC, and one of their friends. That friend, unknown to me at the time, was the son of 5th ward leader Sam Rappaport. In fact, his picture actually ended up in the Washington Post in article about local organzing for Dean.

Less than three years later, new progressive blood has been injected deep into the local machine.

10:07 AM  

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