Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Other Wednesday news and chatter

Groggy, interrupted day. Here's what I forgot to blog...
  • Fumo and other local thunder politicians sit down with bloggers, but only off the record. Good to start a conversation, but that's a tight leash! D-Mac has an amusing take here.

  • The Daily News opinion page also noticed the poor record over at the Gaming Board...

  • Another DN editorial calls for Philadelphia to let its Planning Commission do its job along the Delaware River, rather than creating a new body to do the same job.

  • The Philadelphia Weekly offers its own view on the new owner of the major Philadelphia daily papers. The good, the bad, the yet to be seen.

  • Another PW story notes a debate over the fate of a prime Center City school property, which neighbors would like to see sold to an interested charter school rather than more condo developers.

  • Ray Murphy continues the "what's a progressive take on things" discussion by looking at the anti-casino efforts in the context of their support by a Democratic governor and most legislators. Lively discussion ensues.

  • Finally, Above Average Jane takes another look through the state Senate Journals, this time peering at the various opening prayers recorded there. A few good out-takes (with minimal snark).


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