Friday, May 12, 2006

News dump -- Tuesday election bits

Lots of stuff today, of varying interest, so will try to post it in several installments as time allows.
  • The Daily News notes that Tuesday voters of all persuasions in Philadelphia have a chance to chip in their two cents on two ballot initiatives that they may or may not know about, one concerning red light cameras and the other establishing an independent Board of Ethics.

  • Upper Merion, Chester, and Bucks voters will face a ballot measure concerning open space, which asks for a tax increase to preserve undeveloped land. It's not clear whether there has been enough education on the issue to motivate dubious residents.

  • Gar Josephs looks at a Ward leader's responsibilities on election day, using Marion Tasco as an example, from knocking on doors to making sure that poll workers have enough snacks. [Another story further down at the link mentions an official contender for Rick Mariano's Council seat, 23rd Ward leader Dan Savage.]

  • An Inquirer editorial urges voters to remember the pay hike when voting in state legislative races. A time to hold them accountable, or just one factor among many for those making up their minds?

  • A poster at PhillyFuture offers the text of suburban news articles about a variety of races in the greater Philadelphia area, many of which are not getting much coverage in the Philly papers.


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