Monday, May 22, 2006

Monday bits

  • Political shots

    1. Gubernatorial hopeful Lynn Swann hopes to tar Governor Rendell with the pay-hike and its attendant anger. Of course, he put his weight behind Senate chief Jubilerer, now ousted on a related wave, so the charges may not impress voters. Rendell never claimed the high ground on the issue, but it wasn't really his baby either.

    2. Three short bits from the Inquirer, including jabs at Swann's voting record, some civility among primary candidates, and the possibility that some Republicans may be keeping their distance from Bush on defense issues (while others take all available aid).

    3. Joe Sestak, Curt Weldon's opponent for his own Congressional seat, speaks out on net neutrality, and important issue for bloggers or for anyone who makes use of the internet for news, entertainment, or business concerns.
      (via Atrios)

    4. Above Average Jane offers a look at the 13th US Congressional race, which pits a well-funded Democrat Schwartz against a reality-TV GOP underdog...

  • Newspaper rumblings

    1. The Daily News reports that a local group is on the verge of buying Philadelphia's two big daily papers.
      If Tierney's Philadelphia Media Holdings is indeed successful, it would mean the newspapers would be in the hands of private owners as opposed to a public company - such as Knight Ridder or McClatchy - and the pressure to meet the quarterly profit demands of Wall Street. Local ownership also would buck the trend over the last half-century toward consolidation of the American media, including newspapers, in the hands of a shrinking number of conglomerates.
      Exciting possibilities. [Inquirer story here.]

    2. Will Bunch seems pleased with this outcome, as Tierney pledges to stay out of the newsroom; Dan UA feels a bit more nervous. D-Mac is just happy to hear that both papers will stay alive...

  • Other topics

    1. A Daily News column looks at challenges for developers looking to move Philadelphia's wave of growth into new neighborhoods -- mostly beauracracy and fees.

    2. In related news the Opinion Page lauds Councilman Wilson Goode's actions to help block predatory lending and other difficulties for people trying to make their way in low-income parts of town.

    3. Stan Shapiro looks at what progressives can learn from the recent elections, both successes and failures, and starts a discussion on how to better organize behind promising candidates in the future.


Anonymous phillydem said...

MyDD linked to a D-Corps poll showing Sestak within 10 of Weldon (51-41) with leaners included. The poll also showed Dem voting "enthusiasm" higher than that of Republicans.

Agree on Swann trying to pin the pay raise on Rendell. You're right to point out it wasn't Rendell's baby. Also, Rendell didn't take and prohibited his cabinet from taking pay raises when the came into office, which will be a pretty effective counter argument, IMO.

12:58 AM  
Anonymous phillydem said...

On the papers, it's extremely interesting to see Toll Bros branching out, first into auto dealerships, now into media. Toll has a big interest in combating coordinated regional development planning and I won't be the least bit surprised if suddenly there are a lot of stories unfavorable to those efforts.

1:03 AM  
Blogger murphy06 said...

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