Friday, May 05, 2006

In other Friday news

  • Lynn Swann's post-endorsement bounce has passed, and Gov. Rendell now has a substantial lead in the race to the November election.

  • Gar Josephs rounds up some minor political happenings, from the healing (or at least burying) of the local rift between Doc and Brady to the Democratic party's snubbing of its own candidate, Tony Payton, in the North Philly state House race.

  • Albert is pretty happy that a primary-oriented round-up of opinion letters in central Pennsylvania yielded a slew of support for Chuck Pennacchio. Sadly, central PA thinks it's only there, much as southeastern PA seems to think it's only Philly. Perhaps Chuck will surpise his doubters yet.

  • Somehow yesterday I only caught half of the story about the 10 State Senate race -- the Inquirer endorsed McIlhinney on the Republican side and also Rosenthal for the Democrats. Above Average Jane has more details on the two candidates on the Dem side of this race, including links to interview questions, etc.

  • Two-thirds of Pennsylvania's Gaming Control Board employees have yet to be background-checked, even though they are months into wielding considerable influence over the placing of casinos, contracts for machines, and other decision-making. Veeery reassuring...

  • Finally, in the category of Slightly Embarrassing Old Guy Moment, Philadelphia City Councilman Jack Kelly has signed up for MySpace as an attempt to better connect with young voters. Yeah, collect some buddies!


Anonymous DC said...

I believe you mean Jack Kelly, not Councilman Kenney.

And I wasn't able to find Kelly's profile on MySpace. Perhaps a link is in order?

5:21 PM  
Blogger ACM said...

oops! my bad. thanks for the catch.

haven't seen a link, although I've forgotten one of the blogs that mentioned this story... oh, here it is; Tulin posted an update:

5:34 PM  

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