Friday, May 26, 2006


Philly Skyline has a fantastic set of tables showing major construction projects planned or underway throughout Philadelphia. You often hear about the building boom, the huge number of new condos, etc., but really seeing it all laid out (including sketches of the planned towers) blows my mind:

Residential -- 80 floors of new building complete, 270+ under construction, 900+ proposed

Commercial -- Cira Center complete, 80+ floors under construction, a few hundred proposed [images of slot designs also included here, but not countable]

Residential conversion -- hundreds of floors of commercial and older residential buildings on their way to more stylish living spaces

And that deluge is without the (additional pages of) new buildings planned by various local campuses, hospitals, museums, and other institutions. Ten years from now, the city could have a whole new face (and/or a housing glut, but I won't hold my breath)...

(thanks to Philadelphia Will Do for the reminder/pointer)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there any end to the number of people who can afford to plunk down $500,000+ for a condo in Philly? Who are these people anyway? Where on earth do they work?

2:03 PM  

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