Thursday, May 04, 2006

A billion Thursday links!

  • Tax cuts appear scuttled for the time being. At least, the state House chose not to vote on the measure before breaking for the primary. Many express shock and outrage. The Inquirer editorial page notes some flaws in the current plan as passed by the Senate, perhaps worthy of another look when lawmakers reconvene.

  • Olympics bid to go forward, with visits to a handful of finalist cities in the next week or so.

  • Wireless plans inch forward, with word that the full City Council may vote on the plan next week. Six hearings and how long, as several other cities pass us by...

  • Polling places may see unexpected shifts in light of a bill just passed by the PA Assembly prohibiting use of private residences for voting. This seems reasonable until it requires that public sites be found, even if they're way out of the precinct in question and hard for residents to get to. An attempt to suppress the effects of Philly voters on upcoming elections? Gov. Rendell vetoed a previous bill along similar lines, so this may not get through (unless he's afraid to have it held against him).

  • Budget woes continue for Philadelphia, with City Council preparing another set of tweaks and adjustments to Street's proposal.

  • Polls in the US Senate race find Santorum closing the gap with Casey. This has many alarmed, but Casey probably won't really start campaigning until after the primary, so respondants are still working from abstractions. However, Albert thinks this time-biding strategy is Casey suicide. I sure hope not!

  • Surveillance proposals have Ray Murphy up in arms, or at least wanting reassurance that there are good reasons. Apparently there was a meeting on the issue this afternoon; it will be put before voters in the primary (12 days off).

  • Unreality: the guy planning to run against Allyson Schwartz (see yesterday) is intending to have the whole thing filmed as political reality TV.

  • PhillyCarShare, a rent-by-the-hour option for going carless, gets yet more recognition, this time finding itself among the finalists for a Harvard award for its collaborative efforts with the city of Philadelphia. yay!

  • Council seats: at least one contender has spoken up for Mariano's old seat, and there are sure to be more in coming months. Tulin's piece includes a link to an article last year speculating about other likelies.

  • AA Jane points us to a website of candidate interviews undertaken by the Inquirer in preparation for its endorsements et al. A great resource for those hoping to get to know the candidates in their areas. They didn't hit everybody, by a long shot, but they did talk to all the candidates in each of the primaries under consideration.

  • AA Jane also rounds up a couple of training opportunities for activists and others wishing to learn the ropes of organization and campaign activity.

  • PhillyFuture alerts us to an upcoming event that benefits the Committee to End Homelessness, and sounds like fun in its own right, with art, food, and festivity (more description here). Mark your calendar for May 18.


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