Thursday, April 27, 2006

Quick Thursday takes

  • An Inquirer piece on the Democratic primary race in the 175th state house district portrays the battle as one between factions of the party with different allegiances and different visions for the future. What is bound to be even more important than these visible differences is the invisible ones underlying them -- will a Ward leader's support mean anything if the committee people there all favor somebody else? Will money and connections prove to be more or less powerful than ground troops and fervor (and/or will "insider" status actually work against some candidates in this era of dissatisfied voters)? I hope that many people are planning to put some of their own energies into this race, as well as a couple of other hot ones, where there's a chance to speak up for the interests of the average Philadelphian.

  • Above Average Jane provides us with an interview with Valerie McDonald Roberts, primary candidate for Lieutenant Governor in another race that's a bit of a Rorshach test for the Democratic party. She looks like a stand-out to me.

  • The state legislature may be taking a second look at wrongful convictions and how they came about, if a bill passed by the Senate gets similar treatment in the House. (or maybe the Senate can convene the commission on its own; I'm not certain)

  • A casino proposal in Montgomery County may be in tottery shape after the city officially expressed opposition to the plan, largely due to worries about traffic tangles.

  • Lower Merion township is planning a lottery for subsidized houses in their pricey region. A ton of people are interested, but only a handful of such homes are available.

  • Finally, visitor's to Albert Yee's blog "philly" (or to his related photography site dragonballyee) should be aware that it has moved. Good look, and apparently much better hosting. yay!


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