Thursday, April 20, 2006

Other Thursday bits -- nonpolitical

  • The Philadelphia School Reform Commission has committed itself to equalizing resources and programs across the city within the next four years. Sounds fantastic. Also noted is a conflict with a custodial union over involvement of a private contractor.

  • Bucks County has decided to use its old lever voting machines for the May election. The Commissioners had selected an electronic replacement, but couldn't get enough delivered in time. Hopefully they won't get in trouble with the feds over the delay.

  • The idea of a new homless shelter in Mt. Airy is outraging Chestnut Hill residents, according to a report in the CityPaper, which goes on to look at resistance throughout the Philadelphia area to expansion of the shelter and housing system. Another classic "not in my back yard" issue... It's in part a legacy of a different time, when shelters were less vocational training and more warehousing of the indigent, but perhaps better neighborhood involvement can help dispell needless fears.

  • Ray Murphy has an opinion piece in the CityPaper, defending the decision to protest the 12th Street Gym owner's support of homophobic politicians. What is the press missing on this one? Citizens weild their economic rights in support of their personal and political views, and win! oh, the horror, the horror...

  • Finally, the inimitable Phillyskyline gets himself into high places around the city to give us views of Philadelphia from on high -- a neat mix of overhead views of familiar locations with eye-to-eye takes of the tallest towers. Fun!
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