Friday, April 14, 2006

Other miscellania

  • Apparently it's Entrepreneurship Week in Philadelphia, which means a number of workshops and events on various aspects of starting a business here, from legal paperwork to professional networking. A great resource for anybody intimidated by the bureauacracy! See the link for times and place.

  • America's Hometown notes that Philadelphia is reasonably well prepared for a future oil crisis, as ranked by a sustainable living organization. There are other aspects of the sustainability rankings in which we could still stand some improvement (not least our sorry handling of solid waste).

  • Eminent domain was in the spotlight again in Camden, NJ, where City Council voted to retain its rights to use the power of taking private property in service of its redevelopment plans. The move drew some hisses, but the council is afraid to limit their powers in the midst of a large (and much-needed) attempt to give their town a new lease on life.

  • Also in New Jersey, the ban on smoking in all public indoor spaces officially goes into effect at midnight tonight, after a judge refused to quash the measure.

  • Finally, a poster at YPP draws our attention to a demonstration planned for Monday in support of fixing Medicare prescription coverage, particularly in allowing seniors more time to choose the right plan.


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