Thursday, April 20, 2006

Other big Thursday stories -- political

  • Increasing squabbles in the Philadelphia Democratic Party:

    • As though starting up a parallel financial arm to bypass the Treasurer (Dougherty) weren't a slap enough, Chair Bob Brady is calling for an audit of party finances for the past five years. Particular focus is being placed on payments to other officers of Dougherty's union, Electricians Local 98, as well as many checks that went out without a second signature (as required under a seldom enforced rule). DN version of the story here.

  • Round up of candidate news:

    1. A little surprising at the top of the PA ticket: Gov. Ed Rendell indicates a lack of faith in his Lieutenant Governor, Catherine Baker Knoll. Perhaps there's a chance for progressive Valerie McDonald Roberts, who was just endorsed by Neighborhood Networks...

    2. The Daily News opinion page has some advice for would-be Senatorial candidate Bob Casey: debate Santorum now, when the experience can serve to polish your presentation for the rest of the campaign.

    3. In the Democratic primary race in US House District PA-08, Patrick Murphy has been out-fundraising Andy Warren 10-fold. Now Warren's funds are running out, requiring an emergency infusion via a loan from himself. Republican incumbent Michael Fitzpatrick is sitting on his warchest and waiting for later in the year. If you're not sure why you should care about this Philadelphia suburban race, there's part 5 of a 10-part series explaining why it's important.

    4. Another prominent US House race in PA pits Dem. Lois Murphy against incumbent Rep. Jim Gerlach in PA-06. Gerlach has decided that his theme will be accusing Murphy of plagarism for using text from various reports in her speeches; however, Atrios shows that ten minutes with Google easily finds evidence of similar wholesale copying in Gerlach press releases and other documents. Time for a more substantive issue, Jim!

    5. In State Assembly races, incumbent Dem. Babette Josephs is being challenged by Larry Farnese in the primary for the 182nd, and one of the latter's supporters has been trying to get the incumbent bumped from the ballot over incomplete paperwork filings. Fittingly, the case has now been dismissed by the State Supreme Court because of incomplete evidence filings. smirk. Of course, that means no ruling on the merits of the case, but all the amended paperwork is in, so the interests of the voters in both information and choice of candidates has won out.

    6. The CityPaper offers a little glimpse of more action in the 175th primary race, which includes Michael O'Brien, Terry Graboyes, and Anne Dicker. This installment looks at O'Brien and his base of support.


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