Wednesday, April 12, 2006

In over my head

There are really a number of stories of note today, and I fear I can't begin to do them all justice. But I'll do what I can in the time I have...
  • Apparently not everybody rejoiced over the activist "victory" over the 12th Street gym this week (see yesterday); Tom Ferrick opines that holding businesses accountable for their owners' political activity is a terrible unfairness. He seems to think that such demonstrators disrespect free speech, rather than exercising their right to share in it. Sorry, Tom, but citizens have been using a host of factors to direct their commercial choices for some decades now, and many are not about to give their money where it works against their larger interests.

    Unsurprisingly, Dan at YPP is also unimpressed here.
    No one is saying Guzzardi cannot do whatever he wants to do, and support what he wants to support. What we are saying is that he cannot expect the support of the GLBT community and their supporters to patronize their business if he is turning around and sending their money to people who consider them subhuman.
    Bingo. Free speech doesn't imply impunity. You have to be willing to be judged for your stands.

  • A former member of Philadelphia's Committee of Seventy has brought suit against all six mayoral hopefuls (more here), hoping for a clarification of when a person can officially be considered a candidate and thus subject to contribution guidelines. A difficult route to a much-needed end.

  • Patrick Murphy's primary opponent for the Democratic nomination in PA-08, Andy Warren, appears to be willing to bend the truth in service of his candidacy (also caught here). This isn't helping him.

  • A special election in a Pittsburgh-area state House district has put into the seat the first Democrat in 40 years. He will have to defend the seat again in November.
    (via dailyKos)

  • Over at YPP, Vern Anastasio makes an impassioned testmonial in support of Babette Josephs in her contested State House primary race in the 182nd (which includes most of Center City). Will residual pay-hike anger oust one of the few progressives in Harrisburg in favor of a Dougherty protegee? It could be a close race.

  • State Senate Majority Leader Brightbill must be unhappy with polls that show him trailing his primary opponent. Also noted here is that MontCo Republicans are being asked to "hold their noses and vote for Santorum," another poor sign for the GOP.
    (via Atrios)

  • The Philadelphia Weekly offers a look at the immigration issue from the vantage of Chinatown and the worries of those who live there. Also included are some great photos from last week's demonstrations.

  • The Inquirer business section looks at PhillyCarShare and its possible future competitors for the car-free residents of Philadelphia.

  • The Philadelphia area is about to make national religious headlines again, as a Catholic woman plans to become ordained as a priest. I expect her welcome to be no warmer than that of Beth Stroud (prev.)...

  • bunnies!Finally, in honor of the season, two bits related to marshmallow peeps:
    1. Philadelphia Will Do points to a survey of preferences, chicks or bunnies
    2. A coworker of mine directs me to a little opportunity for weekend frolic, marshmallow peeps in classic arcade games!


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