Monday, April 17, 2006

Home sick today

...and can I just say "bleah!"? Stupid cute little virus-laden holiday relatives.... Here are the top stories, for those who are still interested:
  • Johnny Dougherty is trying to get an early start on clearing the field of top opponents by asking Michael Nutter to withdraw from the race or resign his City Council seat. He claims that Nutter's suit against the other presumed candidates (see Thursday's roundup of politicians) is a declaration of intent to run, and thus requires the resignation of his current office under the city charter. oops! Maybe Nutter should have left the wrist-rapping to the third parties... Dan at YPP is officially crossing Doc off of his [Christmas] candidate list for '07...

  • The Inquirer editorial page is hopeful about a new attempt to close a loophole in federal campaign legislation, which appears to exempt 527 organizations including the one running anti-Casey ads across Pennsylvania.

  • Lois Murphy is officially out-fundraising her opponent US Rep. Jim Gerlach by a substantial margin, and getting much more of her money from regular folks.

  • For the political junkie, a collection of small bits, mostly for amusement value, from who's friends with whom to the upsides of no longer holding political office... Another installment of these snacks is here.

  • Finally, two new entries to the local blogging scene: Inquirer columnist Tom Ferrick (who feels he's joining the game belatedly) and The Next Mayor website, which may or may not have enough fodder for regular posts 18 months ahead. Good luck, guys!


Anonymous Tulin said...

Get well soon!

10:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One reason why Doc wants to go on the attack, he's got problems of his own - from today's Philadelphia Inquirer "An investigation into the business affairs of Donald "Gus" Dougherty, an electrical contractor with political connections. Federal subpoenas have been served to the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority and the Pennsport Civic Association, where John Dougherty is chairman and president. John Dougherty and Gus Dougherty are friends but not related. Mariano also has known Gus Dougherty for several years."

7:45 AM  

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