Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday roundup

Refreshingly slim today, despite my dipping into a wider range of sources...
  • Joe Sestak, running for the US House against Curt Weldon, is apparently a favorite for donations from onetime Clinton insiders. Residue of his former National Security connections, or signs of a Democratic conspiracy? Apparently in the eye of the beholder. yawn.

  • Pennslyvania's Clean Sweep organization is having some turmoil at the top, as its founder steps down to run for Governor and the board tussles with him over its own rights, but there are still plenty of candidates running under its auspices. Some of them rallied in Harrisburg yesterday.

  • Philadelphia City Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell wants city residents to vote on a referendum on the Iraq war this fall. It would have only moral, not legal standing. There is precedent for the Council's taking a stand on national issues (such as the Ortiz motion condemning the Patriot Act), but speculation is that this might help bring Democrats out to the polls where a Casey candidacy might not. (Blackwell claims that such considerations were not among her own motives.) 12 votes would be required to put the measure on the November ballot.

  • Philadelphia's top Democratic and Republican party officials joined in the Committee of Seventy's lawsuit aimed at defining who is and isn't a candidate subject to campaign finance limits. Intermittant laser fire still heard from various frontrunner camps...

  • Friedman at America's Hometown offers two building-related tidbits concerning the Philadelphia area: first, the Housing Authority has received national recognition for its Martin Luther King development in South Philly, and second, a new condo complex will be built on the edges of Chinatown, replacing a current surface parking lot.
That's likely to be all for this week -- a long and wearing one on my end! Best weekend to all.


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