Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday politicians

  • The Wall Street Journal has an editorial looking at the possibility of corruption or fraud in the next Pennsylvania election(s) and reflecting poorly on Gov. Ed Rendell's dedication to making sure that things go smoothly. It's not a flattering article, but I honestly think that hackable electronic voting boxes pose much more risk than unpurged voter rolls and other boogiemen mentioned here.
    (via Above Average Jane)

  • Perhaps taking a cue from DN columnist John Baer's piece yesterday, the Inquirer today has a piece looking at Ed Rendell's fundraising and speculating about what strings might have come attached to the Governors' Association windfall. They also note that Lynn Swann has received money from one of the competing casino developers. But there are no downsides to bringing casinos to Pennsylvania. Nossir!

  • Babette Josephs' reelection race is the focus of an article today, which looks at her opponents in the last few primaries as well as at the charges and counter-charges in this race. Ironically, Josephs first won her State House seat with claims similar to those (ineffectuality) being wielded against her now. Unfortunately, her current opponent doesn't have her history of activism and progressivism (heck, he was a Republican just a few years back!) with which to win over long-time Babette supporters.

  • The Inquirer has an editorial calling on would-be mayoral candidates to voluntarily comply with Philadelphia's contribution limits, no matter what the outcome of current lawsuits. At least, doing so would make their claims to the high road more credible.


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