Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Clearly the *plumbers* aren't running for office

It looks like the Comcast/green-urinal crisis (see prev. here) has been settled, via a negotiation brokered by Mayor Street and State Senator Fumo. Note the ridiculous fine print, however:
Liberty, however, was forced to accept a long list of conditions to open the way for the green devices. Most significantly, it agreed to install standard water lines with the urinals, although they are unnecessary and will not be connected. The plumbers contend this is a backup measure, in case the urinals don't work.
Maybe this covers possible future safety concerns, but it sounds like a buy-off of the sort that gives unions a bad name even among labor supporters. Also, they aren't changing the code to make such urinals acceptable elsewhere, but are merely granting a one-time variance for the Comcast building. All very forward-thinking... Sigh.

Note: this is one of several stories today that allow reader comments. Appears that the PhillyNews folks are making that a regular daily feature...


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