Wednesday, April 19, 2006

As of tomorrow, I intend to be well!

But meantime, between a groggy day and a late-coming Blogger "scheduled outage," I'm getting to these in bleary hours probably long after you already read about them... sigh.
  • Senate race news and babble...

    1. Former New York Mayor (and 9/11 demi-hero) Rudolph Giuliani has been stumping for US Sen. Rick Santorum. Two guys who really have a lifelong philosophical bond...

    2. The second debate of Democratic Senatorial candidates is/was tonight. However, if you didn't see it live, it's not clear whether you'll get to. Luckily PoliticsPhilly was blogging it live, and I'm sure others were as well...

    3. Philadelphians Against Santorum is looking for a good Santorum impersonator for appearances around the state over coming months. Seriously.

  • Casinos and development wars

    1. The Inquirer's second look at Rendell's riverfront development moratorium focuses on casino proposals.

    2. Dan at YPP made that connection too, and speculated a bit further: that this move might be specifically designed to give the one inland proposal (weaker on many fronts than its river-fronting competitors) a little assist. An angle I hadn't thought of, but am also in no real position to weigh. Casinos are clearly in a lot of people's minds, however...

  • Mayoral forecasting:

    1. An Inquirer editorial despairs that all we have to look at is legal wrangling and posturing, rather than discussion of issues or other useful substance. Useful as a summary of the last week of fireworks.

    2. Tom Ferrick offers an amusing distillation of the player profiles thus far, on his new blog.

  • Corruption developments:

    1. The new information that [convicted Councilman] Rick Mariano is offering to the feds was a secret from his own lawyer. Nobody knows where all the bodies are buried...

    2. Much to the relief of many city reformers, the Street administration has just closed a loophole in the ethics legislation approved by voters last fall, by extending it to include lawyers hired on city contracts. [The rules restrict campaign contributions by any contractors seeking city business, and hopefully lay the groundwork for additional pay-to-play legislation under consideration by City Council.]

    3. Want to help ensure fair elections in Philadelphia? The Committee of Seventy is looking for election-day volunteers to drop in on polling places and provide an impartial view of things. Some advance training is involved.

  • Finally, a poster at YPP draws our attention to an innovative anti-homelessness program that is helping people who tend to avoid more conventional shelter options. Sounds like just the ticket!


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