Thursday, April 13, 2006

Around the politicians

  • Well, yesterday's suit against the presumed Philadelphia mayoral candidates couldn't go unanswered -- Councilman Michael Nutter has brought a suit of his own against his (presumed) opponents, charging that he shouldn't be the only one toeing the line on campaign contributions. (More on the story here.)

    Tulin at PoliticsPhilly (back in action!) catches a scarey note: that this pair of lawsuits could open up the question of whether Philadelphia has the right to set local contribution limits, or whether only the state can regulate campaigns. Is it better to have a regulation on the books that just about nobody follows until the final stretch, or to be denied any regulation at all? hmmm...

  • Lois Murphy's campaign to unseat US Rep. Jim Gerlach is making great strides, having collected almost a half million dollars in the first few months of this year. Why on earth does she have a primary opponent? Aren't there bigger fish to fry?

  • The new CityPaper has a lengthy piece on the race between US Sen. Rick Santorum and (presumptive nominee) Bob Casey, including a historical perspective of the Democratic party's relationship with the Caseys, the issue of choice, and its own members. Good profile of Casey as a man and a candidate, and of how he's explaining his own priorities in the race.

  • Columnist John Baer looks at Gov. Ed Rendell's famous ability with fundraising, but asks whether the abundance might bring some unpleasant concerns, whether substantive or only a matter of appearances...

  • Last-ditch efforts of Florence Cohen's supporters to get City Council President Anna Verna to call a special election appear to have run aground on excuses based in practical concerns (or at least the printing of May ballots appears to provide a handy excuse for Verna not to deal with the issue).

  • Dan at YPP just got to meet Patrick Murphy, running against Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick for US House, and he was very impressed. I had pretty much the same experience. Nobody can claim the burden of a lesser-of-two-evils choice in PA-08!!

  • State House Republicans have not given up on the possibility of increasing state sales tax to help offset a cut in property taxes (that is, to subsidize property-holders on the backs of working folk -- oh, did I say that out loud?). The Senate appears unmoved.


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