Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Other Wednesday bits

  • I'm not the only one shocked by union opposition to environmental technology in a local building project (see previous here). Friedman at America's Hometown is worked up and urges people to call the Licenses and Inspections office on the matter. Today's Daily News opinion page also takes the plumbers to task.

  • The Daily News also takes a look at its own potential buyers, and is heartened that one group has hired a consultant with long experience in Philadelphia's news world.

  • The Philadelphia Weekly is also looking at the Daily News, but focusing mainly on Wil Bunch as its most visible face. The article is intrigued by the dichotomy between Bunch's mainstream news reporting for the paper and his more outspokenly opinionated blogging style.

  • Another Weekly piece looks at moves by New Jersey to make itself more attractive to gay couples, in contrast to Harrisburg's interest in restricting gay rights ever further in PA. I've lost some great neighbors to the better legal situation across the river, so I know first-hand that no state operates in a vacuum. We can't afford to casually give up productive citizens to neighboring regions...


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